SID (Scientific Information Database)

SID is the only open access database for scientific articles in Iran, indexing scientific journals from different disciplines.

SID provides services in both English and Persian language.

• Journal Indexing Request Form

For indexing in SID, you should finish and confirm the data you are providing for us. Affirmation of this form means the acceptance of all terms and conditions of indexing journals in SID.

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- After the publication of each issue, the full text of all papers should be sent to in .dox, .pdf and .xml format.

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Areas of coverage:

  • Subject: All scientific topics are covered in SID.

  • Authentic resources: All scientific and research resources published by universities and research centers.

  • Types of resources: Extended and specialized scientific and research publications that publish research or review publications in full text and articles published by academic societies that follow open access Policies.

  • Level of journals: Journals that have an authentic (reliable) editorial staff and academic team.

*SID does not index the articles in journals that insult the sacred and religious beliefs or break the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Accessibility

    - Full texts and abstracts of articles should be free accessible and updated regularly.

  • Free access laws

    - All publications are required to stick to scientific ethics in accordance with international standards and to comply with copyright laws at international level. However, the journals will be responsible for any unlawful practice.

    - Any policy regarding free access laws and guidelines is in accordance with the worldwide strategies and standards, which should fundamentally be plainly expressed on the website of every journal.

    - Using the full text of articles is allowed by the universal measures and guidelines, like creative commons. If the journal’s policy violates any of these rules, it must specify the items before indexing.

  • Why indexing journals in SID? (advantages)

    - Being indexed in the largest open access database for scientific articles in Iran.

    - Having the possibility to identify articles by search engines and assisting publishers to link to writers.

    - Introducing the users with the journal’s website and thus increasing the access of traffic.

    - Helping the development and circulation of free access articles as a worldwide model and culture.

  • Services

    - Providing a dedicated web page in SID for every journal to present bibliographic data and in archive of published articles.

    - Displaying the number of view and downloads of articles for every journal by SID users.

    - Introducing the journals specifically to SID users.

    - Entering data by SID.


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Thanks for completing the form, the journal information will be reviewed and evaluated and the results will be notified to you via email after confirmation.
After receiving the confirmation email, please pay the relevant fees according to the tariff announced in the email and send the image of the deposit document via

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All dues are in US-Dollar(USD) and based on a calendar year.

  • Weekly, monthly and bimonthly 300 $
  • Quarterly 200 $
  • Biannual and Annals 130 $